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Increase in Lawyer Sites Penalized By Google

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Increase in Lawyer Sites Penalized By Google

Increase in Lawyer Sites Penalized By Google

For the past few months, I've been getting more and more calls from Lawyers whose sites have fallen completely off Google. Most of the time these attorneys are paying a high dollar 'Legal SEO Company' to handle their web site's SEO.

For a firm who relies on their web site to generate clients, getting penalized by Google (also called being 'Sandboxed' or 'De-Indexed') can put a massive dent in your practice.

Why Lawyers Are Getting Hit Hard By Google

As we've detailed before, in 2011 Google's 'Police' (known as the Web Spam Team) launched an update to the Google Algorithm known as Penguin and Panda. This update was designed to penalize web sites that were employing shady tactics to achieve rankings on Google. These tactics include building link networks, spammy links and duplicate content to name a few. The problem for the lawyers mentioned earlier is that the most well known "Lawyer SEO companies" are still employing shady tactics and are putting their clients at risk of penalties that are costing them Google keyword rankings and ultimately, clients.

Why It's Only Going to Get Tougher

So what if your site made it unscathed through the Penguin and Panda? Does that mean your site is in the clear? Not quite. In fact, the head of Google's Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts, recently announced that Penguin 2.0 was released on May 22nd, 2013, targeting web sites using frowned upon tactics.

Assuming you haven't been penalized already, the days of 'set it and forget it' SEO done. So how can your firm stay ahead of the curve? Keep Reading!

3 Helpful Tips To Avoid Penalties

  1. Scrutinize your SEO Firm's Work - Double check the back links they build and the content they provide. If it doesn't pass the eyeball test, ask questions.
  2. Keep a close eye on your site traffic - Many times key word rankings can be misleading as to whether your site is increasing in visibility or not, focus on organic traffic to have a better feel for the direction you're going in.
  3. When Possible, Blog - The best way to gain visibility for your site is to establish yourself as an authority in your space. The best way to do that is to create high quality content that is for your audience.


Is Your Site At Risk?

Contact Bizroids today at 512-942-7522 or by filling out this form and we'll conduct an analysis of your site's current SEO and give you some practical, specific action items that can improve your SEO. If it looks like your site is at risk of being penalized, we'll give you some specific, practical action items to remedy those issues.

At Bizroids, while we certainly are always looking for quality businesses who care about their online presence to work with. We don't believe in high pressure sales tactics. Rather, we like our body of work to speak for itself, so you don't have to worry about a hard sell or being harassed by annoying salespeople :).

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